Hi! Welcome to my Tumblr WordPress Themes site.

Tumblr is an extremely popular platform to create a personal site and blog.  Although Tumblr has a great platform, it is not as flexible or customizable as WordPress.   WordPress has latched onto this ease of Tumblr and companies have created WordPress Themes to immediately change the look of your website into a Tumblr-like blog.  You can install a WordPress Theme, activate it and you will have your Tumblr like site in minutes, no programming knowledge required.   All Tumblr clones feature multiple post types where you can post different types of formats such as videos, audio clips, regular posts, quotes, links, pictures and photo galleries.  These Tumblr-like WordPress Themes offer users a quick and easy way to create content-rich blog websites.

This site is a collection of Microblogging Tumblr-style WordPress Themes.  Most of these Tumblr Clones feature responsive deisgn, multiple post types, custom post options, infinite scrolling, Social media integrated, multiple color options, multiple themes and more.

I have many favourites in this collection, but the one Tumblr Clone that I love the most is Clipboard.  You can find Clipboard Tumblr-like WordPress Theme here.